Sunday, September 11, 2011


Quick update on my babysitter worries from the other day - everything worked out fine!  Yesterday morning I talked to Dash about the babysitter coming to visit and play with him, and he kind of freaked out a bit - did the whole "no mommy!  Don't go!" thing while clinging onto me, and I thought for sure we were doomed.  But then, I came up with a plan!  I sent Rick out for to buy D a new Play-Doh toy that he could play with only after Allison arrived.  And it worked!  He was so excited to see her, and they played with the Play-Doh breakfast maker for one and a half hours after we left!  She said he got a little sad at bedtime when he realized we weren't there to put him to bed, but he rallied.  And before we left I had a talk with him about getting his diaper changed, and told Allison to ask him to "pee on demand" before bed, and that seemed to work, too.  AND this morning he said he would like her to come back and play with him!  Woo-hoo!

And the best part?  We had the best time at the wedding!  I'd have to say it was probably the second most fun wedding I've been to (the first being Rick and mine, of course!).  The location was awesome (The Museum of Industry in Waltham very cool!), the ceremony was beautiful, the band was great, the food was amazing, and most importantly, the bride and groom were ecstatically happy and are just so obviously meant for each other. 

It was and excellent night all around!