Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My big preschooler!!

I can't believe it's already time for Dashiell to start preschool!!  I'm so excited for him!  Though like many moms sending their kids out of the house (even for just a couple of hours a week), I am admittedly feeling a bit melancholy about it.  Once again, I worry.  Will he like the other kids in the class?  Will they like him?  Will his teacher think he's just as amazing as we do?  Will he love school as much as I think he will? 

But once again, I know that there is nothing to worry about. He's a smart kid, and this kind of structured-play learning environment will be wonderful for him, I know.  Plus he loves meeting and playing with new kids, and it would be awesome for him to make friends that aren't just "mom and dad's friends' kids".

AND, his teacher seems pretty awesome.  She sent this note last week about how excited she was to have him in her class:
Isn't that the cutest?  I pointed out the funny face that she drew to Dash, and later he said something about her having a funny face. I corrected him and said that she drew a funny face, not that she had a funny face, so today he told her he liked the funny face on the postcard and she said she drew a funny face because she had a funny face!  So I guess he was right!  Ha!

Today's first session was merely a meet and greet, so all the parents got to meet all the other parents and all the kids in the class, and we checked out the class room and the creative room (which is by far my favorite room!) and the playground.
(Do you know how hard it is to get a picture of your child on a playground that doesn't have other kids in it?  It's almost impossible!)

He will only be in school two days a week, which seems like plenty for now.  Thursday is D's first day there without us.  I hope he understands that we won't be joining him every day!  Today he barely acknowledged us, so I think he'll be okay.  And I think the fact that Rick will be dropping him off (not me) will help decrease the amount of tears.  He might still get a little sad, but I predict that the sadness won't last long.

Good luck little D!  I'm so proud of you!

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