Friday, September 2, 2011

Photos from a long-ago photo shoot!

Way back in March, when Dashiell was not yet 3, my good friend Meghan Moore of Megpix Photography threw a "photo party" at our house.  She set up a portable studio and I invited a bunch of our friends and family over.  For 3 hours one Sunday morning our house was filled with families, photo-taking, food and fun!  It was awesome - she's a very personable photographer who likes to get her subjects moving, laughing, and having a good time.  She gave us the CD of our photo shoot, which I promptly misplaced.  Until yesterday! So now I'm finally sharing them with you.
The above pictures I like to refer to as "Dashiell and the Ladies" - just a few of his adorable friends (including his second cousin in the red).  He was having such a great time playing with them! 

We tried to get a good family photo, however D was a bit too, well, silly to get one "good" shot.  However, I have to share this series of photos because of the story they tell.  Let me preface this by mentioning that Dashiell was in a particularly licky phase when this happened.

First, the cheesy grin:
My own grin is pretty cheese-tastic, too.  So I go to kiss my little guy and then...
He goes in for the lick!  Gross!
He seems pretty proud of himself, though.  I, however, am still unimpressed.
But we recover, and Dash mischievously grins at the camera.
I just think that series of shots is just too funny.  What a silly kid!

Despite our lack of a good family photo, we were at least able to get a good picture of Rick and I together!
Yes we're on the ugly orange chair, and we both have goofy smiles, but it's very "us".

The photo party was tons of fun - the only thing we'd do differently next time would be to use a wider backdrop.  And maybe invest in a chair cover for old orangey. 

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