Sunday, August 28, 2011

How we survived the "hurricane"

First off, I'm so thankful hurricane Irene turned into tropical storm Irene, then mostly into regular-old storm Irene.  We did all we could to prepare for the worst - took everything out of the yard that could become a projectile, took stuff off the floor of the basement in case it flooded, located all the flashlights and the portable radio, stocked up on batteries, did all of our laundry, made banana muffins and cookies, and bought beer.  So we were all set!  Last night and this morning was very rainy, and fairly windy too.  After the rain ended it stayed kind of windy but really, no worse than any other storm that we have around here.  So we lucked out!  But regardless of the lack of hurricane, it was still a stay-at-home kind of day most of the day.  What did we do?  Let's see!
We painted a picture of Tyler Park...

...we played Angry Birds under the blanket with daddy...

...and we played with lots and lots (and lots) of toys (note: this is only a small portion of the living room, so imagine this many toys times about the toys in the dining room, and D's bedroom, and some in the entryway...well, you get the picture...).

We also read books and watched multiple episodes of Curious George, until about 4:30 when we realized that the storm was pretty much over and we needed to get out of the house!  A quick trip to Target ensued, which relieved us of our cabin fever.

So I'm thinking if we can't handle one day of being (mostly) stuck in the house, we're pretty much doomed once baby2.0 gets here mid-January (the coldest month of the year).  Yup, that first month is not going to be pretty... ;)

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Jenn said...

Looks like you did pretty good! I've learned to accept the toy mess for now... as long as you aren't stepping on them and hurting yourself. Watch out for those legos! Love his painting - he did a great job!