Thursday, April 19, 2012

Someone I know just turned FOUR!!

Dashiell is four.  FOUR!!  Holy Hannah!  And believe me, we celebrated.  And celebrated.  Then celebrated some more!  First up was his "friends" party.  We invited a group of his closest friends to the National Streetcar Museum in Lowell, and it was awesome.  We had been to the museum a couple of times before (cheap admission with lots for kids to do!) and noticed that there was a room with a big table, fridge, and popcorn maker in it, and according to the curator it was available for parties!  And it wasn't terribly expensive at all - sooo much cheaper than going to a Chuck E. Cheese or someplace like that!  And oh was I ever interested in having the party someplace other than my house - no clean up before or after?  Sign me up!

Anyway, as mentioned the party was lots of fun!  All the kids seemed to enjoy it, and the museum did a great job setting up the room.

The Party Room

That's Mr. Debonaire to you!

Riding the trolley with friends!*

Dashiell's friend C playing building roads and railways

Rick with Station Master Dashiell

The amazing cake, made by family friend Lauren

 The cake with the cute trolley center pieces the museum provided

It was a fun day!  We were slightly disappointed that the trolley schedule didn't fit with the party schedule (the party was at 1 pm, the trolley rides were at 2:20 - too early - or 4 pm - too late).  Ah well, we'll have to ride the trolley some other time!

*Funny story about the little girl sitting next to D in this picture:  Dashiell met her all of 2 times prior to his party, once at a friend's house and another time randomly in the park.  Both times were about 6 months ago.  When I asked him who he wanted at his party this year, he specifically mentioned her out of the blue.  "Can we invite K*?"  :)  It was pretty cute - how could I say no??

So that was the first celebration!  Next we have Dashiell's actual birthday.  This celebration was just for the 4 of us - Dash, Aurelia, Rick and me.  We ate D's favorite foods for dinner (Annie's mac n cheese, apple chicken sausage, corn, and strawberries), and had more cake!

 Do you see Aurelia eying that cake?  Already I can tell she's going to have a sweet tooth! :)

 One of the big presents he got, courtesy of his Aunts Terri and Lisa and his Grandma and Grandpa Weber.  Note that he's more interested in finding out how his bike works than he is in riding it. :)

Then the third celebration was piggy-backed on Easter (the joy of having an early-April birthday...).  The grandparents had a big Easter dinner at their house, followed by cake and presents for Dashiell.  It was a bit overwhelming, but it was fun!

We don't have many great pics of that particular celebration since it was just way too crowded in the house, but here D is eating more cake:

Or should I say eating more frosting?  The cake was secondary.

So Dashiell's birthday week was filled with fun and 3 different cakes.  I had to put my Weight Watchers plan on the back burner, but it was worth it!  Happy birthday to my favorite 4 year old!

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Happy Birthday, Dashiell! Lots of great pictures! Looks like all the celebrating was LOTS of fun:)...