Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fun pix from Megpix!

We finally - finally! - had some professional photos taken of the kids last month, just in time for Christmas cards!  My mom had been bugging me about it, and rightly so.  By this time in Dashiell's young life he had numerous professional photos taken.  Poor Aurelia's only professional photos were taken in the hospital (though we did as Uncle David, who is a professional photographer, to take pictures of them last summer, and he tried - he really tried - but he was so unhappy with them that he never gave us copies).  So last month I dressed the kids up a bit and brought them to my fabulous friend Meghan's studio!  Go me!

Aurelia was not having a good day, but I love these pictures anyway!  The expressions of exasperation caught on her face are priceless, and Dashiell mostly looks like he barely even notices her and is just out there doing his own thing (except in the pictures when he's squeeeeezing her).  I feel like I should caption all of these pictures but I'll resist the urge. 

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