Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Sweet One-Year-Old!

A belated happy birthday to my littlest one!  On Monday she turned ONE! 
My sweet girl at her one-year photo shoot!  
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Aurelia, I have so loved getting to know you this past year, and feel blessed to be your mommy!  You are the sweetest thing, always quick to smile at those you love (though with strangers you still feel the need to withhold that smile until you can figure out if they're "good people").  And that smile will light up a room!  It just makes my day and snaps me out of any funk I may find myself in.  I know daddy and Dashiell feel the same way!
Showing off the new tutu
Your latest antics involve walking (yes, WALKING) over to me when I'm sitting on the floor, throwing your arms up, and with a huge grin flopping yourself into my arms.  It's awesome.  It does mean that I can't fold laundry while you're around, but believe me that can wait!

You definitely have a stubborn streak.  If you want to do something, you will find a way to do it!  Our methods of distraction don't work as well on you as they did with Dashiell!  And that's okay - while it means you may end up being a bit more challenging, this is a trait that will serve you well when you get older.  (And to be fair, so far you're not really that challenging - we've been lucky to have two pretty easy kids!)
What do you mean I shouldn't play with this fan?
You love making us all laugh.  It's been fun seeing that playful side of you emerge.  You make faces and funny noises and pop your head around corners to surprise us.  You and your brother do this funny call-and-response all the time - you say "EH", he says "EH" back, you say it back to him, he says it back to you, etc.  This usually goes on for a good minute.  I can't wait until you start saying actual words!
As mentioned above, you started walking about a week ago - it's amazing!  I didn't think you'd start for another couple of weeks since you're still a bit wobbly when you stand, but you're compensating for that lack of stability by walking with your hands in the air.  You look like a little zombie - it's so cute and so funny!
(The beginning of this video doesn't show much but at the end you get to see the zombie walk plus the gigantic smile.  I like that she's carrying Mr. Bear in her mouth at the beginning, much like a zombie would...)

You've just starting to show preferences in what you eat - up until about a month ago you'd eat pretty much anything we fed you.  Now you have no interest in most vegetables, only like mild or medium cheeses, and LOVE meat.  I'm mentioning this now because some day you'll insist on becoming a vegetarian, and though I will support you if you make that decision I do want record of your carnivore stage.  And while you generally love all baked goods, for some reason you just were not happy with your birthday cake!

 What is this strange new food?

 I'll give it a try.
 Oh my God it's awful!  Why would you feed me this??
One more try the next day...same results.

Here's hoping that the birthday cake at your party this weekend is better received!

Happy first birthday, 'Reelsy-beels!  Thank you for an awesome year - I can't wait to see what the next year brings!

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