Friday, February 1, 2013

The Birthday Party

I'm a bit behind in my posts (what's new?) and am finally getting the chance to post a few photos from Aurelia's birthday party!  It was a fun day, and we had many, many guests in our little home.  It was cozy, really cozy.  But it seemed like everyone had a pretty good time, and the Birthday Girl charmed them all!

We had a Ladybug theme, so I felt the need to get all crafty and make Aurelia a cute little black and red tutu and a little headband so she could be suitably "ladybuggy".

 Turns out tutus are incredibly easy to make!  Who knew? 

The cake and cupcakes were made by our family friend, Lauren (who makes most of the Hanson Family cakes and was the creator of Dashiell's Trolley and Dr. Seuss cakes).  Once again she did a wonderful job, and the cake was SOOOO tasty!

Dashiell thought so, too!

It was a fun party, and I'm so glad everyone was able to celebrate Aurelia's big day with us!

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