Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow storms and Auntie visits and pig tails, oh my!

Now that we're supposed to have our third snowstorm in as many weekends, I probably should get around to posting about the first one, the Big One, NEMO!  My sister Lisa came out to visit a couple of weeks ago, and thankfully arrived the night before it hit otherwise her trip would have been completely cancelled!  Dashiell stayed up late to see her when she got in (her flight was late AND the traffic was just awful getting home - I think everyone in Boston worked late that night knowing that their work day would be cut short on Friday from the storm).  He was SOOO excited to see her and to show her his "collection" (fyi, the question is not what does he collect but what doesn't he collect).  We put him to bed shortly after she arrived and he asked "How am I supposed to sleep when I'm this excited?"  Then he passed out.

The next morning Dashiell was raring to go and wake Lisa up first thing.  Aurelia didn't know what the heck was going on, or why this stranger was sleeping on our couch.  She seriously stood there and stared at Lisa for a good two minutes, then walked over to me and hugged my legs, all while keeping a close eye on her aunt (and stayed hugging my legs for another few minutes).  Then Lisa played a little peek-a-boo with her and after that they were best friends!

I decided to take that day off so I wouldn't have to deal with traveling through the snow storm that afternoon, and so Rick could take my car (which has all-wheel drive) to work - as an emergency worker he couldn't take the evening off and had to work - and drive - during the worst of the blizzard.  I'm so glad I spent the day at home!  We all had a great time playing, baking, and watching the storm coverage on TV.
The kids all cozy on the couch with Auntie Lisa

It started snowing that afternoon, but the blizzard really started in earnest overnight.  It was crazy windy, and we woke up to probably about 18 inches of snow with some serious drifting everywhere, and it was STILL SNOWING.  Rick called on his way home from work, and Lisa was awesome and headed outside to shovel out the end of our driveway so he'd have a place to park.  Have I mentioned how happy I was to have her visiting that particular weekend?

Lisa tackling the end of the driveway!  She RULES!!

By about noon the snow had mostly stopped, though it continued to be wildly windy throughout the day.  We started digging out after lunch, and Dashiell bundled up and headed out to play (or rather, try to play)!

 Attempting to navigate the chest-deep snow
 His feet are no where near the actual ground, btw
Taking a rest

Oh no!  No boot!!
 A year ago he might have freaked out over his lost boot, but this time he just laughed.  
Reason #187 why 4 is more fun than 3.

Navigating around the car (yes there is a car in front of him under that snowbank) to find me while I shoveled the front sidewalk.

All told once the storm was done we ended up getting about 27 inches of snow.  Wow!  But despite the challenges of dealing with all this snow, we had a fun weekend.  It was oddly freeing to be stuck inside when Lisa was visiting - we normally try to do "fun stuff", like go into Boston or to the Butterfly Place or the zoo or something like that.  We couldn't do any of that, so we could relax and not worry about trying to get out of the house! 

We did see a few people on Sunday - a family friend from Bemidji who now lives 15 minutes away from me came to visit, then we went over to Rick's parents' house for dinner.  On Monday Dashiell had school for some reason (every other town cancelled school or had a late start) so I left Aurelia with Lisa, drove him to school, and ran a few errands.  When I came home this is how I found Lisa and 'Reels:

Lisa was attempting to get Aurelia in her sleep sack when she laid her head down on her shoulder and fell fast asleep!  That's a far cry from the evil eye 'Reels was giving her auntie at the beginning of her visit!

We had such a great time with Lisa in town - I wish we could see her much more often!

A few random photos that don't fit with the post but need to be shared

We put in a new vanity in our upstairs bathroom the weekend before Lisa arrived and there was this BIG FUN box to play with!  Dashiell gathered his pillow, blanket and Hello Kitty doll and climbed in.  I added Aurelia to the box.  She was none too pleased.

I kind of love this picture of Dashiell.  Hat askew, jaunty scarf over the rugby shirt, mid-explanation about something vitally important, I'm sure...

Aurelia is obsessed with finding things to sit on.  I don't remember Dashiell going through this phase so this amusing me to no end.  She backs her little bottom up to anything and everything, trying to find a good place to sit.  Since she also loves going into our cabinets, it was only natural that she discovered that the cabinet is the perfect thing to sit in!  
The other awesome thing about this picture: the pigtail.  Her hair is finally long enough to put into a little pigtail, and surprisingly she will keep it in for hours!  Barrettes and headbands usually last no more than 30 minutes (if even).  Is there anything cuter than a toddler with a pigtail on the top of her head?  I think not.

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