Friday, February 1, 2013

More photos!

I have a few random photos that I wanted to quickly share with everyone before I forget!

Winter has been wintery (though you wouldn't guess it from our 60 degree heatwave a couple of days ago!), which means a little bit of playing in the snow and a lot of figuring out what to do inside.

A couple of weeks ago we finally had snow that was snowman worthy!  Dashiell was soooo excited, and HAD TO make a snowman as soon as possible!

He named the snowman Ryan, after a friend of his in preschool.  I'm sure Ryan (the friend) felt deeply honored, as he should.  And I know Dashiell wants to make more snowmen to name after all of his other friends, too!

Aurelia LOVES climbing into our cabinets.  There have been times where we've turned our backs and suddenly can't locate her, only to find her deep into the cereal cabinet.
At her last doctor's appointment her pediatrician was talking to us about her development, and asked if she was starting to get into everything - on cue, she climbed right onto the shelf under the exam table.  Our little show-off!

Dashiell has been really into art and pattern-making lately.  The other day he asked how to make a color wheel.  After I showed him how to section off the circle, he went to town on the colors!  This was his first attempt:
He made about 10 different color wheels that day.

A couple of days later I had a bunch of coupons out on the table, and he started trying to fit them into a rectangle.  He did a pretty good job!

A couple of notes on fun things Aurelia does that I don't want to forget when she's older (but currently have no photos of):  She is constantly carrying pairs of things.  It's never just one car, it's always two and they are usually the same color.  Same with blocks - you'd think that it wouldn't matter what colors or shapes the blocks are, but it nearly always matters.  Two wooden rectangles, two green plastic cylinders, etc. Or she'll carry a pair of Dashiell's socks or his tennis shoes, one in each hand.  I'm hoping that someday she'll display this same "matching" habit and we can say, "you've been doing that since you were one!"

Another thing - she loves red.  More often than not the pair of things she's carrying is red.  Especially if she's carrying cars.  Dashiell loves red too, so it might have to do with him.

One last picture of Aurelia, only because it's darned cute:
Rick called that sweater "unbelievably cute".  I think I'd have to agree!

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