Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dashiell's Birthday Weekend!

Time to finally post about Dashiell's awesome birthday weekend!

This year for Dashiell's birthday we gave him the option of either having a party with his friends or going to Build-a-Bear with just one friend.  D has been wanting to go to B-a-B again for MONTHS, so without hesitation he chose that!  And to make sure that is what he wanted, I asked him MANY TIMES before making plans.  Many times.  I did mention that we'd still have a small party for family, but he would only be able to invite ONE friend to Build-a-Bear.  One.  So of course the week before - after already solidifying plans with the parents of the friend he chose to go to Build-a-Bear with - he changed his mind.  And was SOOOO upset that he wouldn't get a party with his friends.  But, sorry buddy, it was too late.  So to pacify the situation, I asked him if he wanted a "mustache" themed party for the family affair (he was highly amused by the fake mustaches that Uncle David had brought to a previous family gathering and had asked him to bring MORE of them to his birthday party).  This made him feel slightly better, and we were able to go to Build-a-Bear with his friend Sophie without any hint of sadness!

Choosing his "bear", a My Little Pony named "Rainbow Dash".  
Sophie LOVES MLP, which I'm pretty sure influenced Dashiell's animal choice...

Making sure Rainbow Dash is the proper squishiness

Preparing to put his wish in the Pony

"Cleaning" the ponies post-stuffing

After B-a-B we met up with the rest of Sophie's family for dinner at the Border Cafe (yum!) and made a quick run over to the Barnes and Noble before bed.  It was a fun day!  And can I mention how cute it was to hear Dashiell and Sophie having a conversation in the back of the car when we were driving to the mall?  So cute.  I wish I could drive the two of them someplace every day!

The next day was the "mustache party" with the extended family.  With less than a week to plan the decorations, I think I did okay!

Mustache cake!  Surprisingly easy to make, just don't look on the top side of the 'stache, which is devoid of frosting...

Mustache themed "Happy Birthday" banner.  It's still hanging in our living room today, 2+ weeks after the party...

 Mustache balloons, and a big 5!  Yay!
  Checking out the mustache cake and blowing out the candles!

 'Reelsy looking all cute at the party in her leopard print

It was a good party, and a fun weekend.  It was fun figuring out the mustache theme (did you know mustaches are a "thing" now?), and I'm glad D got to spend quality time with the people he loves!  All weekend, no less!

On a side note, it turns out there is a subset of "hipster" guys who are My Little Pony fans, aptly named "Bronies".  So I guess my son is now a Brony.  Add to that the mustache party, AND his awesome name - he is now officially cooler than his parents, at the tender age of five.

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