Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Time for a photo dump!  The kids have been awfully cute lately...

First, Easter.  I know, it was THREE weeks ago!  But I've been busy, alright?  Sheesh!

We didn't get any pictures of Dashiell coloring Easter eggs this year, but Rick managed to grab a few funny post-coloring shots:

BAHahaha!  I love the expression on D's face!

On Easter day we got semi-dressed up and headed over to Auntie Sue and Uncle Tony's house for dinner with the fam.  It was nearly impossible to get any good pictures, but these ones aren't bad:

This next picture was taken the week before D's mustache bash - you can see why he was inspired by the awesomeness of the 'stache:

I bought Aurelia these funny pink plaid pants at a consignment store and was trying to get a picture of her in them with her pink fuzzy sweater.  It's a look that only works for 1-year-olds and elderly ladies in nursing homes:

A few weeks ago Dashiell was trying to draw a person with a body big enough to include the digestive system.  He started drawing this picture and decided he didn't like it before it was finished.  Rick and I, however, love it. 
The arms in a little shrug?  Awesome.

Dashiell got a lot of cool things for his birthday.  Here he is taking a picture of the rocks he dug out of his rock excavation kit:

Here he's painting the birdhouse he built:

And probably the most fun gift is the SCOOTER that his grandparent's bought him!  Wow!

When Aurelia saw the scooter she TOTALLY wanted to ride it too.  Nudged D out of the way, grabbed the handles, and tried to step on it.  Then she sat right down on it.  I'm thinking next summer she might be able to handle her own three or four wheeled scooter.  Dashiell's is a 2-wheeler - oooh!!

Speaking of Aurelia, here are some random cute photos of our favorite girl! 

Enjoying some hummus:

 Climbing on the ottoman:

Saying "cheese!"

And playing peek-a-boo in her kitchen:

We went to a small carnival near our house this weekend, and D had fun on some of the smaller rides.  He loved the bouncy slide, and the woman who was running it was nice enough to let him go down it about 15 times.  I was able to catch one marginally okay photo:

He also dug the "loony airport" since he could "fly" in a plane:

There were also a couple of funhouses that he liked and the BIG slide that he went on with Rick (no good pictures, sorry).

While Auntie E was in town this past week we celebrated her birthday, which is coming up in a few weeks.  Of course Dashiell had to be part of the candle blowing:

This photo for some reason didn't make it into my previous post about Boston.  It's Elizabeth and Aurelia in surprisingly similar poses walking through the Public Garden.  Pretty dang cute if you zoom in...

And finally, this weekend we were able to spend a little time playing in the back yard.  I kind of love this picture of my two kiddos hanging out in Dashiell's "treehouse slide" (which, btw, is WAY too small for Dashiell, but he's not ready to admit that yet!):

My cutie pies!

A couple of developmental notes:  Dashiell grew 3 inches last year.  3 inches!!  No wonder he went from a 4T to a 6 in such a short period of time!  And he is happy to report that he will not be getting any more shots until he is 11 - that's more than twice his current age!  Yay!

Aurelia also grew a lot - 2.5 inches in 3 months, so she's now in the 90th percentile for height, just like her bro.  She's also REALLY working on talking.  She seems to speak in full sentences, but unfortunately its in a language no one else can understand.  We can kind of make out "thank you", "what's that?", and "cheese!".  But usually it seriously sounds like she's holding a conversation with us - even our pediatrician commented on it.  It's super cute, but I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for her!  And yes we have tried signing with her, but she wants none of it.  My little stubborn girl! :)

Whew, I think we're caught up now!  I swear I used to be good at keeping this blog updated!  Have a good week, everyone!

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