Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Month and a half of crazy! Part I - Graduation and Grandma Visits

I am so far behind I don't know where to begin!  It's been a busy month-and-a-half and I've got a bazillion pictures to post!

Let's start with Dashiell's Graduation!
My little guy graduated from preschool last month, and it was an awesome celebration of his time at the school!  It was held in the evening so more family members could make it to the event, and it was a PACKED house.  Standing room only!  All the kids who were moving on to kindergarten gave a concert, singing such classics as "This Land is My Land" and "Sweet Co-op Days" (which was actually "Sweet Caroline", but with the words rewritten to reflect their time at the co-op).  You can see Dashiell in the light blue shirt and green graduation cap in the front row:

All the kids did great, though I was a little disappointed that Dashiell's class spent the whole concert sitting down - the "standers" definitely had more energy than the sitters. Each of the classes did a separate song as well.  D's class sang "Take me out of the Bathtub" (to the tune of "Take me out to the Ballgame").  It was cute!

Then there was the presenting of the diploma's:
When it was Dashiell's turn to get his diploma, he loudly declared: "Goodbye Teddy (his friend he was standing next to)!  Helloooo Mrs. LeMasurier!" (his teacher) which of course garnered many laughs from the audience.
Afterwards we snapped a few pictures of our graduate!  With us:
 And by himself:

A friend of his from his previous class wanted to get a picture with him, illustrating perfectly how girls are just better at the whole posing-for-pictures thing:
It was a fun ceremony, and I am so proud of my little guy!  He had a great year!

The next day Grandma Weber came out to visit!  Yay!!  Once again, we took shamefully few pictures, but believe me we had a great visit.  Grandma got to see Dashiell's preschool concert on his last day of school, we did a bunch of gardening, we went to the zoo, and we went to the final party for the playgroup Aurelia and I have been going to (which I also took Dashiell to for 2.5 years prior and he was able to come with us, too).  Fun stuff! 

Flamingo heads at the zoo:

Grandma and kiddos, dappled:

Grandma and Aurelia, chillin':

At the Hanson's:

The morning Grandma had to leave (boo):

Not the greatest pictures, but it's what we've got! 

So that was roughly the beginning of our month-and-a-half of crazy!  Up next:  Random parties, parades, and other celebrations!

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