Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Month and a half of crazy! Part II - Celebrations and more celebrations!

More of our month and a half of crazy!!

Prior to D's graduation and Grandma Weber's visit, we attended the Memorial Day Parade in Stoneham - it runs right in front of Nana and Grandpa Hanson's house, which makes it mighty convenient!  It's a short parade, but it's nice.

Kiddos waiting for the action:

Random flag guy on a bike:

Kiddos, enthralled by the bands:

"Stoneham Strong":
 Little fife and drummers:

Father's Day also showed up in the mix of crazy!  It was so crazy we (or rather, I) forgot to send my OWN father a card, so I sent him this instead:

Then D had to make Grandpa Hanson a Father's Day card, too:
I love the facial hair on Grandpa.  So funny!

Later that week the park near our house (Tyler Park) held their first summer concert!  Overview of the small but fun event:
Dashiell checking out the grass:

Aurelia munching on popcorn:

Aurelia was almost done by this point - she was in need of a daddy ride!

One of Dashiell's preschool friends had a HUGE birthday party a couple of weeks ago.  It was for him and his two cousins, so they went all out!  Bouncy castle and house, pony rides and petting zoo, plus a ton of food. Aurelia LOVED the small bouncy  house:

Dashiell was brave enough to go on a pony ride this year!  We hadn't tried it in a couple of years since he used to be scared of them:
Here he was directed to "sit up straight", which apparently means "cover your ears with your shoulders":

I hate to think of what he was touching here:

Aurelia not only loved the bouncy house, she also loved the kiddie pool.  So much so she didn't care about getting her dress and (non-swim) diaper soaked:

And I almost forgot!  It was Nana Hanson's birthday this past month, too!  The kids sent her this:
In addition, we went out for a lovely dinner for Jeanne (Nana) with family and her friends, and the kids behaved so well, considering the venue.  It was a nice restaurant, not the kind we usually take them to.  The kids' menu was printed on the actual menu, not on a separate placemat type thing that they could color!  And we were woefully unprepared - Dashiell brought along a book to color in at his own insistence (did we think to pack it?  No, he did).  Other than the regular diaper bag stuff we had nothing.  I can't say it was the most relaxing dinner, but I'm so glad we were able to go!

I think that covered most of our celebrations this past month!  Up next:  EVERYTHING ELSE!

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