Friday, November 2, 2007

The Nursery. Yikes.

A number people have recently asked me about the room that is to be our nursery--if we've started decorating, if we have a theme, how things are progressing, etc. The answer, illustrated by the attached photos, is that we have done little or nothing so far, and obviously have a long way to go before it's anywhere near ready. And yes, I am feeling stressed about this. I know that I'm only halfway through this pregnancy but given the amount of stuff we have to do, I just don't know that 21 weeks is enough time to do it all--especially since I'll be taking classes until mid-December so I essentially have no free time to work on it until after the holidays.

In an ideal world, we would tear down the wood paneling (and since the paneling seems to be glued directly to the walls we'd also have to tear down the plaster behind it, which would also mean taking down all the wood trim around the windows and doors), refinish the trim, put up new plaster, refinish the floors, oh and I really wanted to build out a new closet since the one in that room is pretty small. In the real world, however, we know that all can't happen. Not even close. I mean, considering the fact that we've been "working" on the dining room for the past 2+ years and it's still not done, we have to be realistic about the nursery. So here's the new plan: Clean all my crap out of it, strip the wood trim, paint over the wood paneling, fix the window that won't stay closed, find a large area rug to cover the floor, and build a radiator cover so little Junior Jr. doesn't burn his/her little hands when s/he starts scooting around the room. Rick, who has been diligently stripping the trim in our sunroom, is about ready to move his operation into the nursery whether or not I move all of my stuff out. So I need to find a place to put all of my crap, pronto. Our attic is a disaster and we need to spend a good few hours rearranging everything up there before I can think about moving anything. I have someone lined up to give about 8 boxes of scrap glass to but coordinating a time to do it might be challenging. I think my drafting table and a set of bookshelves can be moved to the sunroom as soon as Rick is done with the paint stripping in there. And while it has helped to write all this down just now, I still feel a bit overwhelmed. Ugh.

So yeah, how we're actually going to decorate this room is far down on the list of stuff to think about when it comes to the nursery. We have to take this one step at a time, and decorating is at least step 17...

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