Friday, December 14, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

At the advice of a few wise readers I have deleted a good chunk of this entry. It was, shall we say, bitter and if it was read by the wrong person it could spell trouble for yours truly. Self-censorship is sometimes necessary in the name of self-preservation.

Seems like my area of the country made a bit of news last night with our snowstorm! It was awfully...awful, really, but it we all made it through just fine and it sure looks lovely today! I'd love to give you some grand story of how it took me five hours to get home last night, but the reason it took that long was because I stopped at my in-laws for a 3-hour break. Who knows it might have taken me that long anyway had I stayed in traffic but that would have required a bladder of steel which as I'm sure you could guess I do not have during this particular time in my life! The stop over did make for a nice visit so I'm glad I had that option.

I hope you all have been getting through your own weather episodes with little incident! Keep warm--


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