Thursday, December 27, 2007

Maybe a teensy bit panicky now...

Well, we made it through Thanksgiving, finals, Christmas, and now just have New Year's left! And since I'm at 27 weeks, that means I'm just entering my 3rd trimester. Holy &*%$. I started assessing what needs to be done in these next 13 weeks (give or take) and I have to admit I'm a little overwhelmed. We still need to buy furniture and necessities and register for everything else, which means researching things like car seats and cribs (I've been working on the crib research this past week), and deciding what store or stores are the best to go to. Babies R Us is the obvious choice, but not easily accessible to many of my family members. Target would be fine if their return policy wasn't so crummy (fyi, ALWAYS include a gift receipt when giving a present from Target in case the recipient gets duplicates--which I've heard is a problem since they don't update registries as often as they should--otherwise said recipient will have a VERY difficult time returning/exchanging gifts). I don't like Walmart, JCPenney has most of their baby stuff online only, and smaller boutique stores are too expensive. I may just have to live with Target and hope for the best--maybe register there for sheets and things that I wouldn't mind having duplicates of, and go to BRU for everything else.

Other things we need to do: 1) Finish the nursery!!! We've fallen a bit behind with all the holiday madness, so Rick is still in the paint-stripping phase. What he's done so far looks fantastic and I have every confidence that our baby will have a lead-paint-free place to sleep, but who knows when we'll get the chance to paint the walls and trim. 2) Find a pediatrician.

Hmm, when I woke up in a panic at 5 am this morning my list was much longer but I've already forgotten what else we need to do . I'm sure I'll remember it tomorrow morning, right around 5 am...

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I'll try to post a couple pictures from our festivities soon.


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