Friday, December 28, 2007

More on my to-do list

I just thought of 3 more things I need to get done soon: First, contact AFLAC about my short-term disability policy, which is supposed to cover a portion of my maternity leave. Second, firm up my plans for my maternity leave and post-leave work schedule with my employers. Third, research daycare centers--I think we can get by without it through the summer but will most likely need to get a spot reserved for the fall and beyond. See, I knew there was more on my list!

Of course this does not include all the non-baby things on my list, including but not limited to sending out holiday cards (late, of course), organizing/cleaning the basement and linen closet, sending out way-overdue thank you cards, returning phone calls to countless friends and family members, etc...

On a less stressful side note, I got the results from my glucose tolerance test and I passed--no gestational diabetes for me!!

Take care--


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