Thursday, February 5, 2009

This one's for Sherry

...and everyone else, but Sherry is the one who got on my case yesterday for not updating the blog! ;-)

Our little guy is 10 months old today! 10 months!!! His first birthday is coming up way to fast--guess I'd better start planning! If anyone has any ideas for a theme, please let me know! I've got nothing so far...

Let's see, what's going on in the life of Mr. Dashiell Hanson? Well, he cut one of his top teeth right around the time I last posted. It looked really painful! It burst through and jutted out quite a bit, but since has receded and is closer to the gum line. Who knew that could happen? Another top tooth looks like it's about ready to break through as well, though Dashiell seems less peeved about this one.

We're still working on getting him to eat more solid solids. He doesn't like lumps in his food and will often gag and throw up when I try to get him to eat chunkier food or Gerber Puffs. I don't think he realizes that he needs to chew, or move his tongue in a way that will let him process the lumps. However, he did try to eat some of my banana the other day, and as you can see from the attached photo, he has figured out how to eat Ritz crackers! I think it's the fact that they're easy to hold and get to his mouth, plus the crumble into easily swallowed bits. He was intently watching Rick eat crackers one day, so Rick gave him one to see what would happen. The rest is history! Occasionally he'll still gag a little but otherwise he's got Ritz down pat. Now if only I could get him to eat other solid things with as much enthusiasm...

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