Thursday, March 19, 2009


Dashiell and I walked down to the park near our house yesterday to enjoy the lovely warm afternoon. This was the first chance we've had to let him run around outside, and though he was hesitant at first, he soon got the hang of it and was off like a shot! I spent 30-40 minutes chasing after him, making sure he didn't step in dog doo or run into the street or eat leaves and branches (there were tears involved when I put a stop to the leaf-and-branch eating). The above picture was taken prior to all the running when he was trying to figure out what this whole park business was all about; the video obviously is when he warmed up to the idea of playing in outside. I think the thing he loved the most was the dogs--one of our neighbors was walking his dog around the perimeter of the park and Dash kept running in the direction of the big doggy. Whee! And as one person put it upon seeing this video, Dash is definitely starting to live up to his name!

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