Friday, April 3, 2009

Busy busy busy...

The above photos are an example of my attempt to take pictures of Dashiell these days. He's always on the move and it's impossible to get a good, head-on, smiling at the camera photo! Seriously, I took about 30 pictures and these five are the best I could come up with. So I squished them all together so you could get an idea what life with Dashiell is like these days!

Sorry it's been so long since I posted but we've been super busy around here getting ready for Dashiell's big day! And work's been busy too so I don't even have time to do a quick post while I'm there, either. Not that I condone blogging while working but some days it gets kind of dull there and if I'm blogging it at least looks like I'm working, right?

So the big party is tomorrow, and as mentioned we've been all a-flutter trying to get the house ready, buying supplies, ordering balloons, etc. Then early this week Rick got hit with a nasty cold, which means that now I have this nasty cold. It's been hard motivating to do anything (hence blogging instead of cleaning). I'm just hoping Dashiell won't get it, or if he does the worst of it won't hit until after his party. But don't worry, party-goers, we'll have plenty of hand sanitizer and wipes and whatnot to try to keep the germs at bay. And I will be wiping down every surface of our house tomorrow before everyone gets here to lessen the germ quotient. I'd do it today but it'd be counter-productive, given my current germy state.

Dashiell's aunt Elizabeth is arriving from LA this afternoon, and we're so excited to see her! She's pretty excited to see our little guy, too. She hasn't seen him since Thanksgiving, and he's changed so much since then! He wasn't even crawling at that point, now he RUNS. Constantly!

Our other news is that we finally finished our dining room (which was started only 3 years ago), and now it's lovely and like new! And since it's now done, we set up our aquarium again! Dash and Rick bought 3 new fishies yesterday. Since the aquarium is rather large these 3 fish have plenty of room to swim. Dash loves them--he looks into the aquarium and giggles. It's very cute.

Wish us luck with the party (and the colds)! The next time I post our little guy will be ONE YEAR OLD!!! Wow!!!

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