Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why yes we did go on vacation 2 weeks ago!

...And I'm FINALLY getting a chance to post about it!

Most of the vacation felt very relaxed and like we didn't do very much, however while digging through all of our photos I realized how much we really did!  Which must mean that it was a GREAT vacation - busy without feeling busy!

We once again went out to Bemidji to visit my family (and also to go to my high school reunion, but I was asked not to say what year reunion is was by one of my blog readers...plus, I have no reunion pics to share so it's like it didn't happen!).  So here's a quick photo log of our journey!

We visited my cousin Sherry and her daughter Bryn for a quick visit to a park on our drive up to Bemidji:

We saw Paul and Babe, and made sure to give Paul's legs many hugs:

We discovered our love of badminton:

We visited the science center:
 ..and reported everything we learned into the echo tube:

We became reacquainted with some friends:

We read books:

We went to the County Fair and saw baby pigs:

And we rode lots of rides!

Though sometimes we were less happy with the rides once they actually started:

We wore daddy's new Grain Belt hat (that's good parenting!):

We did a little shadow dancing:

And we got lots of hugs from grandma and grandpa!

Whew!  I guess we really were busy!

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Jenn said...

It was great to see you, Suzi!